Confucius Institute of Edmonton

Project Description

The Confucius Institute in Edmonton (CIE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the educational, cultural and economic ties between China and Canada. The CIE was placed in Edmonton in partnership with its host, Edmonton Public Schools and supports Chinese language programming throughout 17 Confucius Classrooms in Alberta.

Urban Video was hired by CIE to create a promotional video that would attract students and parents to the Chinese language classes offered by Edmonton Public Schools. We produced two versions with this shorter, faster-paced video designed to appeal to younger online audiences. The intent is to generate excitement for CIE’s Chinese language classes and show off all of the exciting opportunities offered in the programs. The CIE recently underwent a re-brand and we strategically built off of its new “Learn More” tag line, which could not be more accurate. As we discovered, there is much more to Confucius Classrooms than simply a language class.

Writer: Crystal McPhee
Director/DP: Darren McPhee and Holly Mazur
Production Assistant: Crystal McPhee
Rough Cut Editor: Holly Mazur
Editor: Holly Mazur
Motion Graphics: Darren McPhee
Soundtrack: Jigu! Thunder Drums of China